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CatholicMatch For Catholic Singles is a dating site that provides Catholic singles from all over the world with a chance to meet one another and possibly form a long lasting relationship.  Since it is often difficult to find other singles that share your religious beliefs and values, Catholic Match is a great place for Catholic singles to meet like-minded singles.

You can create your account in literally under a minute, as there are very few questions.  Some of them relate to your faith, as you will be asked your diocese, parish and rite.  As soon as you finish doing so, your account will be created, and you can begin answering questions to construct your profile.  The questions asked to fill out your profile deal with your appearance, background (education, children, etc.), your faith (including mass attendance frequency, whether you are considering a religious vocation, and whether you accept the Church’s teaching on many topics).  Your religious related questions (and those answered by others) will provide an easy way to immediately gauge whether your religious beliefs match up with others.  You will also have to answer a short answer question about yourself and one about what you are looking for in a potential match.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to easily see your message center, which logs your chats, emotigrams, favorites, mailbox, matches, and encounters.  Encounters are different notifications that you receive when certain events happen.  For instance, when someone browses your profile for the first time, it is logged as a “browse encounter”.  Similarly, an attempt to initiate chat is a “chat encounter”, and there are also encounters for when someone sends you a message or emotigram.  Emotigrams themselves are simple messages that can indicate a smile, friendship, or romantic interest.  They are used as ice breakers, and are free for all members to use.

If you so prefer, you can build up your profile by taking the temperament test, which will classify your personality based upon your answers to multiple choice questions (such as, “I tend to be argumentative, true or false”).  After you take the temperament test, you will be able to view the results of others who have done so as well by looking at their profiles.

You can easily interact with other Catholic singles from all over the world by using the forums that Catholic Match offers.  You will have to be a subscribed member to do so, but once you do, there are many different forums to choose from, such as forums on faith, sports, pop culture, prayer support, politics, and more!

There are many Catholic specific resources and features that are available on Catholic Match, as well.  For instance, there are articles that are useful for Catholic singles, prayers that are shared by and for Catholic singles, and member meet-ups, as well as other events.  Anyone can organize an event, and many events are happening quite regularly, especially in bigger communities.  This is part of Catholic Match’s assertion that the site is not only for dating, but for community building for Catholics, as well.

There is also a magazine section, which provides all kinds of information, tips, and contributions from within the Catholic community, as well as the Catholic Match community itself.

As you can see, Catholic Match provides all kinds of features, all of which are designed to help Catholic singles not only meet new friends and potential dating partners, but also to help Catholic singles bolster the strength of their faith.  If this sounds like the kind of thing you are interested in, do not hesitate to give a try!

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